Transneft, JSC Construction Quality Policy

Transneft, JSC Construction Quality Policy

Approved by Transneft, JSC Order No. 219 dated November 23, 2015

Being the key element of the Russian Federation power industry and supporting the ultimate objectives of its operation, Transneft, JSC determines the continuous development of the trunk oil and oil product pipeline system, with invariably high quality, environmental compatibility and safety of newly constructed and reconstructed facilities as the main construction priority.
Transneft, JSC is governed by the following principles in its operations:

  • systematic comprehensive improvement of Transneft, JSC trunk pipeline system to foster the ongoing development of the oil upstream and downstream industries to meet the needs of the Russian Federation in terms of necessary volumes of oil and oil product transportation to the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Development of quality culture to be applied at construction works and services provided by Transneft, JSC, Transneft system entities and contractor companies;
  • Development and implementation of modern management practices, enhancing competitiveness and efficiency of Transneft, JSC construction business according to the requirements of the intergovernmental standard GOST ISO 9001:2011, Quality Management Systems. Requirements, and the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 55048-2012, Quality Management Systems. Special Requirements to GOST R ISO 9001-2008 Application in Construction;
  • Compliance with the Russian law, international treaties and intergovernmental treaties of the Russian Federation, construction standards and rules;
  • Use and introduction of advanced designing and construction technologies to improve quality, speed up processes, cut construction costs, mitigate adverse health and environmental impact of production factors as well as to reduce energy consumption in construction;
  • Availability of significant information on the Company’s construction quality business.

To implement these principles, the Company is and will be committed to the following measures at all production stages:

  • Implementation of the quality management system, maintenance and enhancement of its performance according to ISO standards;
  • Improvement of design, surveys, construction and installation by application of new designing and construction technologies, modern materials;
  • Sustainable efforts for reduction of construction costs, excessive costs and losses;
  • Arrangement for quality control at all stages of designing, surveys and construction;
  • Improvement of employee incentive principles of Transneft system entities aimed at enhancing labor efficiency and achievement of the goals of the Program of Development, Technical Upgrading and Reconstruction of Transneft, JSC Trunk Pipeline Facilities;
  • Reduction of the share of imported products as part of the Program;
  • Upgrading professional skills of personnel of Transneft, JSC and Transneft system entities in designing, construction and quality management;
  • Renewal and improving reliability of the equipment, buildings and structures, technological and utilities systems of trunk pipeline facilities, with preservation of the appropriate throughput of the trunk pipeline system;
  • Creation of conditions for infrastructure development in underdeveloped regions where construction of trunk pipeline system facilities is underway, creation of new jobs for locals;
  • Research and development aimed at elaboration and implementation of new designing and construction technologies, modern materials;
  • Setting and constant analysis of the construction quality goals and objectives in accordance with the changing market requirements, development of the strategy for different levels of planning, designing and construction management;
  • Participation in elaboration of federal laws and other regulations of the Russian Federation aimed at improvement of designing and construction of the facilities of oil and oil product trunk pipeline system in the Russian Federation;
  • Monitoring of fulfillment of occupational health, industrial, fire, electric, environmental safety and reasonable natural use requirements in performance of construction and installation at Transneft, JSC facilities, in particular, by efforts of contractors (subcontractors);
  • Control over implementation of the Program of Development, Technical Upgrading and Reconstruction of Transneft, JSC trunk pipeline facilities.

Transneft, JSC sees the implementation of these provisions as a key factor of continuous development of the trunk pipeline transport, diversification of flows of oil and oil products, development of new lines of oil production and the infrastructure in underdeveloped regions to promote sustainable development of the Russian Federation.

The Construction Quality Policy applies to all of Transneft, JSC business units and Transneft system entities. The Policy provisions are taken into account in Transneft, JSC business relations with partners.


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