Transneft Volga Region Sums up Results of First Stage of Round 1 of Transneft Youth Science and Technology International Conference

Date of publication: 04 December 2018

The first stage of Round 1 of the 3rd (15th) Youth Science and Technology International Conference held by Transneft and member organisations of the International Association of Oil Transporters has taken place among the personnel of the Company’s business units, who presented their R&D projects.

69 specialists under 30 representing the Company’s branches and executive office and 29 students of Samara State Technical University (STU) took part in the contest.

The contest committee, consisting of key specialists from Transneft Volga Region’s executive office, reviewed 57 R&D reports presented by the Company’s young employees and 17 reports submitted by students.

The young specialists competed in seven sections. The reports were assessed according to such criteria as innovativeness, design maturity and practical utility. According to the results of the conference, authors of the best reports were selected in each section.

- Mariya Vysotskaya, an engineer on patents and inventions at the development and technology section of the Central Production Service Shop: Development of a Sealant (Sealing Elements) for Pipeline Manhole Fixing Device;

- Artyom Demin, a subsurface pipeline corrosion protection fitter at Yekaterinovka line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD): Electrochemical Protection Means’ Efficiency Enhancement;

- Igor Karnaukhov, the head of the IT systems sector at the plant control systems section of the executive office: Development of a Pressure and Flow Deviations Control Module;

-  Elvira Masterova, a lead environmental engineer at Buguruslan RPD: Microgel-based method of containing oil spills on water surface”;

- Nikolay Bachevsky, a discharger and pourer at the custody transfer point of Krotovka loading rack at Buguruslan RPD: Automated Bottom Water Drainage System;

- Yuliya Khoroshaylo, a human resources specialist at Samara RPD: Optimisation of Human Resources Section’s Operations Concerning Issue of Clearances for Electrotechnical Personnel to Work Unsupervised;

- Aleksey Malov, an instrumentation and automation engineer at the automation operations sector of Buguruslan modular group pumping station: Use of Augmented Reality for Visualisation of Underground Infrastructure at an Oil Pumping Station.

Impact Analysis of the Factors Determining the Efficiency of Pumping High-Paraffin Oil, a report by the 4th year students of the Oil Technology Department at Samara STU Anastasiya Balykina and Anastasiya Golikova, was recognised as the best report in the students’ section.

In 2020, the finalists will participate in the second round of the 3rd (15th) Youth Science and Technology International Conference held by Transneft and member organisations of the International Association of Oil Transporters, where projects by employees of Transneft subsidiaries will be presented. The third round will take place in May 2020 at the premises of Transneft Druzhba in Bryansk.

The Youth Science and Technology International Conference is held by Transneft annually to support creative initiative in young professionals, promote research and technology potential of the Company and creation of innovative technology solutions for oil transportation.