Transneft Volga Region Puts New Boiler House into Operation at Krasny Yar LODS

Date of publication: 23 August 2018

Transneft Volga Region has commissioned a new boiler house at Krasny Yar line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD).

The new boiler house with a total capacity of 4 MW is designed for heating operational facilities of Krasny Yar LODS. The block-modular boiler facility manufactured by Transneftemash (a subsidiary of Transneft Upper Volga) is fully automated.

Unlike the old heating plant, which was operated for 25 years and had analogue modes control, the new boiler house is equipped with a microprocessor-based automatic process control system and has modular burner devices with a smooth regulation of combustion modes. The new system provides precise regulation of the heat-transfer material supply to the central heating network, allowing to save boiler and furnace fuel while maintaining the same workload and also reducing emissions of harmful substances (products of combustion) into the atmosphere. The new boiler house consumes less electricity for its own needs than the old one did while performing at the same level.

The following facilities were installed at Krasny Yar LODS as part of the construction of the new boiler house: a heating plant enclosure, fuel tanks, a searchlight tower and a combined overhead cable tray. New service lines were connected to the boiler house as well: cable power supply lines, automation and alarm cables, water supply pipes, a fuel pipeline and sewerage.

The heating network of the LODS was partially replaced, in particular, the pipe junction from the heating plant to the heating networks of the station’s buildings and structures. The new heating networks have a modern thermal insulation coating made of polyurethane foam and a protective shell made of galvanized steel. Such insulation of heating networks has greater strength and density in comparison with the insulation of the old heating network. The boiler facility is equipped with oil-fired hot water boilers that can also use diesel fuel, if necessary. The boilers, as well as the majority of the equipment and components for the boiler house, were produced at Russian enterprises.

The new boiler house at Krasny Yar LODS was built within the technical upgrading and overhaul programme of Transneft Volga Region. Commissioning the new boiler house will make a significant contribution to improving the Company's energy efficiency and reduce the cost of supplying heat to operational facilities.