Transneft Volga Region Checks Emergency Preparedness of Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate Personnel

Date of publication: 13 July 2021

Transneft Volga Region has held a comprehensive emergency response drill (CERD) to eliminate emergencies at the Zenzevatka oil pumping station (PS) and a simulated oil spill in the area of the Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) underwater crossing via the Ilovlya River in Volgograd Region.

The goal was to increase responsiveness of employees of the Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) in the case of possible emergencies, to polish skills of using special and personal protective equipment, to maintain constant preparedness of forces and means to eliminate accidents and emergencies.

The CERD included several tasks. At the Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk OTP underwater crossing via the Ilovlya River, an "emergency pressure drop" occurred. The managing dispatcher "shut down" the transportation of oil. The patrol crew that arrived at the site, confirmed an "oil release” onto the water surface and set up fences.

At three "oil spill" containment water lines, specialists from the Zenzevatka PS, the Yefimovka line operation dispatcher station, the non-regular emergency rescue team (NRERT) and the additional emergency rescue group of the professional emergency rescue team (PERT) installed about 760 metres booms. 3 oil skimmers, 8 collapsible oil collection tanks with a total capacity of 725 m3 and sorbents were used.

The "spill" was promptly contained, after which emergency recovery work was carried out on the "damaged" oil pipeline section. Fire safety was provided by the voluntary fire brigade of Zenzevatka PS-5.  All works were performed under permanent ecological and analytical control of the air, soil and water.

At the same time, station’s power engineers restored power supply after the loss of voltage at a linear gate valve. Chief mechanical engineering division’s employees eliminated a simulated malfunction of mud-trap filters. Experts in instrumentation and automation performed troubleshooting in the temperature measurement channel.

In conditions of strict compliance with sanitary and public health standards to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection and taking into account the restrictive measures on the quantity of personnel, 53 people took part in the CERD. 23 motor ans special-purpose vehicles were used.

The drill was monitored by a representative of Transneft UW Service and specialists from Transneft Volga Region executive office technical divisions. As a result, it was noted that the drill was carried out in accordance with requirements of the CERD programme for prompt response in case of failures, incidents and accidents. All the repair and restoration works provided for in the drills scenario were completed in time and to the full extent.


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