Transneft Volga Region Conducts Drills at Oil Pipeline Underwater Crossing via Volga River

Date of publication: 10 February 2021

Employees of Transneft Volga Region have conducted an emergency response drill (ERD) at the Buguruslan – Syzran oil trunk pipeline underwater crossing of the Volga River during the ice formation period. According to the drill scenario, the specialists eliminated simulated partial loss of containment with subsequent oil release onto the water surface.

The event involved employees of the central maintenance division (CMD) of the Samara Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) and the emergency line maintenance divisions (ELMDs) of the Pokrovskaya line operation dispatcher station and the Lyubetskaya oil pumping station, a total of 70 people.

The purpose of the drills is to increase promptness of employees’ response in the case of emergency situations, to polish the skills of using specialised and personal protective equipment.

After receiving a signal about the emergency pressure “drop” at the Buguruslan – Syzran oil pipeline underwater crossing of the Volga River, a patrol crew of the Pokrovskaya LODS’ ELMD arrived at the site of the simulated emergency and confirmed the oil “release”. The managing dispatcher "shut down" the oil transportation via the pipeline. Employees of the Samara RPD’s emergency divisions immediately set out to contain and eliminate the consequences of the “spill”. The “emergency” section was cordoned off, marked by warning signs; the territory was enclosed using barricade tape.

Special technological holes were cut in the ice to install booms after the ELMD teams arrived at the line down the river. On the riverbank, the specialists deployed tanks for temporary oil storage. At the same time, constant environmental analysis of air, soil and surface water was carried out. The participants eliminated the consequences of the simulated emergency within the regulatory time limit. During the drill, 23 pieces of vehicles and equipment were used, including icebreakers, oil skimmers, truck cranes, heat generators; more than 1,125 m of booms were installed.

The observers made a conclusion that the results achieved during the ERD meet the requirements of the ERD programme, and the emergency elimination timeframe meets the requirements provided for by the regulatory documents of Transneft Volga Region.

Emergency response drills are a key element of the system providing environmental and industrial safety of the oil pipeline transportation facilities as they ensure a high level of readiness of the company’s divisions to prompt response, containment and elimination of consequences of possible emergencies, as well as prevention of serious damage to the environment.

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