Transneft Volga Region Commissions Oil Meter Skid at LODS in Volgograd Region

Date of publication: 29 December 2020

Transneft Volga Region has commissioned the oil meter skid at the Krasnyi Yar line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD).

The works were carried out as part of the Transneft oil and petroleum products metering systems improvement programme for 2020-2027.

The equipment allows prompt control of the quality indicators of oil transported via the Kuybyshev – Lisichansk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) in the direction of Chernomortransneft for compliance with GOST requirements and transmit information for calculating process operating modes.

The new oil meter skid was manufactured at Transneftemash Factory of Velikiye Luki (a branch of Transneft Upper Volga). According to the results of the comprehensive testing of all systems, the oil meter skid was commissioned as per schedule.

A total of 51 oil meter skids are operating at Transneft Volga Region’s facilities. The modern oil meter skid allows for automated metering of oil and petroleum products during commodity operations, timely respond to changes in transportation parametres, as well as maintaining high metering accuracy.

In addition, the quality control of oil and petroleum products is provided by specialists from 7 testing and analytical laboratories of Transneft Volga Region. This year, laboratories have performed more than 134 thousand studies of crude oil samples, more than 15 thousand test reports were issued. In the testing laboratory of the Tinguta initial pumping station (IPS) of the Volgograd RPD, 48 thousand studies of diesel fuel samples were carried out, more than 5 thousand test reports were issued.

A new building of the testing laboratory was constructed at the Krotovka LODS of the Buguruslan RPD. Currently, general construction work has been completed, and it is planned to equip workrooms with new laboratory furniture and test equipment in 2021.

In 2020, the company updated facilities and equipment of laboratories of the Buguruslan, the Samara, the Saratov and the Volgograd RPDs. 33 units of modern equipment and laboratory furniture were purchased, high-precision analyzers were purchased to determine the content of organochlorine compounds in crude oil, thereby ensuring the complete supply of laboratories with sophisticated process equipment.

A particle analyzer for testing diesel fuel samples was purchased at the Tinguta IPS testing laboratory. The device enables online monitoring of the amount of dispersed dirt particles, water droplets and other particles in diesel fuel.

In 2021, Transneft Volga Region will begin the first stage of implementing the Unified Laboratory Information System (ULIS) at the operating facilities. The implementation of the project will ensure a high level of efficiency in obtaining information on the quality of oil and petroleum products through the automation of laboratory activities, and will also minimise the time for processing and presenting test results.

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