Professional Emergency Rescue Team of Transneft Volga Region Certified by Ministry of Energy Commission

Date of publication: 10 December 2020

Transneft Volga Region’s professional emergency rescue team (PERT) has passed the periodic certification of the Ministry of Energy commission and thus confirmed its right to conduct emergency rescue operations.

This business unit of Transneft Volga Region ensures the readiness of forces and means for containment and elimination of emergencies in accordance with the Regulations on the Russian Unified Emergency Rescue Service, approved by the relevant Russian Government Resolution. Teams readiness for prompt response to emergencies is checked once every three years.

40 people from the company’s PERT passed the certification among employees of the emergency line maintenance divisions and central maintenance divisions of the Buguruslan, the Samara, the Saratov and the Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates.

Each rescuer underwent pre-certification training in a specialised educational centre in three disciplines: tactical and technical, altitude and medical training. The knowledge gained was solidified in emergency response drills on elimination of emergencies and during practical trainings. Special-purpose equipment, booms, mobile pump units, oil skimmers and temporary oil storage tanks were used in preparation for the certification.

The sectoral commission of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for qualification of emergency rescue divisions of the oil and gas industry confirmed the qualification of Transneft Volga Region’s PERT. Following the results of the inspection, the certificate for the right to conduct emergency rescue operations was received.

A certified non-regular emergency rescue team (NRERT) of 315 people also operates at Transneft Volga Region, which directly interacts with the PERT in the event of an emergency.

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