Transneft Volga Region Completes Scheduled Repairs at Facilities in Samara and Saratov Regions

Date of publication: 06 November 2020

Transneft Volga Region has completed scheduled repairs at the operating facilities in Samara and Saratov Regions.

The works were carried out as part of the technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme in order to maintain uninterrupted operation of oil pipelines.

During the scheduled 60-hour shutdown of the Guryev – Kuybyshev oil trunk pipeline (OTP), in order to maintain a high level of industrial and environmental safety, specialists from the Samara Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate replaced three oil pipeline sections.

In addition, in order to conduct in-line inspection, PIG traps were connected to the oil trunk pipelines. During the work, transportation of oil was suspended as per schedule for 56 hours via the Mukhanovo – Kuybyshev oil pipelines and for 48 hours via the Krasnoarmeysk – Saratov Refinery.

At the Mukhanovo oil pumping station, a revamped 5,000 m3 vertical steel oil tank with a floating roof was connected to the process pipelines. The diameter of the tank is 22.8 m, its height is almost 12 m, the total weight of the metal structures used in the repair is 133.7 tonnes. 

After completion of the scheduled works, oil transportation via the oil pipelines was resumed as per schedule and is conducted under the standard protocol.