Transneft Volga Region Completes Planned Repairs of Pipelines and Onsite Facilities

Date of publication: 17 July 2020

On 14-17 January, Transneft Volga Region completed scheduled repairs at the Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuybyshev, Kuybyshev – Lisichansk, Kuybyshev – Unecha-2 and Krasnoarmeysk – Saratov Refinery OTPs and onsite facilities. The work was carried out in Orenburg, Samara, Saratov and Volgograd Regions.

The works were carried out as part of the technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme implemented by Transneft Volga Region in order to modernise equipment and ensure uninterrupted and safe operation of oil pipelines.

During a 96-hour scheduled shutdown of the Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuybyshev oil pipeline, specialists of the Buguruslan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate cut out defects of the PIG trap, as well as replaced one process gate valve at the Komsomolets modular group pumping station (MGPS). Hydraulic testing of a supply pipeline, the header of the main pump unit (MPU) and a pressure manifold were carried out at the Yerzovka MGPS.

During a planned 72-hour shutdown of the Kuybyshev – Lisichansk OTP, specialists of the Samara RPD carried out midlife repairs of five gate valves, dismantled MPU No. 2 for subsequent replacement and cut out a defect of the supply oil pipeline at the Samara-2 oil pumping station (PS). MPU No. 3 was installed and seven substandard air escape valves were eliminated at the Sovkhoznaya-3 PS. Specialists of the Volgograd RPD connected a newly constructed oil meter skid for oil outflow at the Krasnyi Yar LODS.

During a 72-hour planned shutdown of the Krasnoarmeysk – Saratov Refinery OTP, specialists of the Saratov RPD replaced two check valves and connected a supply pipeline to the oil and petroleum products’ lease automatic custody transfer unit (LACT) at the Krasnoarmeyskaya-3 oil pumping station.

In addition, specialists of the Samara RPD connected temporary PIG traps to the pressure oil pipeline of the Samara-1 PS. The work was carried out during a scheduled shutdown of the Kuybyshev – Unecha-2 oil trunk pipeline at the Samarara – Klin section within 72 hours.

In total, 337 workers from the Samara, Buguruslan, Volgograd and Saratov RPD and 109 pieces of equipment were involved in the repairs. The company’s employees were equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment to counter the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Oil transportation through the oil trunk pipelines was resumed on schedule and is currently carried out under the standard protocol.

Scheduled repairs and maintenance of facilities of the oil trunk pipeline system allow Transneft Volga Region to maintain the high level of reliability of the oil transportation process.