Transneft Volga Region Young Specialists Hold Events Dedicated to World Environment Day

Date of publication: 08 June 2020

Young specialists from the Samara and Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (RPD) of Transneft Volga Region have held events dedicated to the World Environment Day.

As part of the events, young specialists from the Samara RPD planted sixty thuja and mountain pine seedlings in the territory of the new family park in Progress Settlement of Khvorostyansky District of Samara Region, where workers of the Sovkhoznaya line operation dispatcher station live. Transneft Volga Region had funded the purchase of the seedlings from one of Samara’s green farms.

In turn, young specialists from the Volgograd RPD held a clean-up event in Volgo-Akhtubinskaya Poyma Natural Park. In the park, the volunteers collected garbage within the 1.5-km zone along the Gniloy anabranch. The event was held jointly with representatives of the natural park in coordination with the Committee of Natural Resources, Ecology and Forestry of Volgograd Region. The collected garbage was packed and taken to a landfill for further disposal.

As part of its environmental and social policy, Transneft Volga Region pays great attention to the formation of a responsible attitude to nature. The company regularly implements projects in environmental safety and protection. The main goals of the event are promotion of the principles of careful attitude to nature among employees of Transneft Volga Region, which is an environmentally responsible company.

For reference:

The World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972 and is celebrated on 5 June. The goal of the event is to attract public attention to environmental care and rational use of natural resources. On 5 June, the Russian Federation also celebrates the ecologist professional holiday.