Transneft Volga Region Presents Certificates to Samara STU’s Professors and Students

Date of publication: 31 October 2019

At a ceremony held at the Samara State Technical University (Samara STU), Transneft scholarship certificates have been presented to students and welfare certificates have been given to professors.

The event took place in the corporate auditorium of Transneft Volga Region at the Pipeline Transport academic department. The Transneft certificates were handed over by Dmitry Makhayev, Deputy Director General for Personnel and General Affairs of Transneft Volga.

Five professors received grant certificates, and fifteen third- and fourth-year students of the Petroleum Engineering Faculty at the Samara STU received personal scholarships.

A special contest committee consisting of the representatives of the Company and the university had selected the scholarship holders. Among the main selection criteria are excellent marks, an active attitude to life and participation in Transneft’s scientific and technical conferences. The final list of the scholarship holders was approved by Transneft’s committee.

The purpose of supporting teachers is to preserve and increase the scientific and pedagogical potential of the university, including flow of new professors and researchers. The grants issued to the professors is an additional motive for more active engagement in research and methodological activities, thus making a significant contribution to further improvement of the educational process and the students’ competence.

For reference:

Transneft Volga Region has been closely cooperating with the Samara State Technical University since 2001 and oversees the Pipeline Transport primary academic department. The Company provides targeted funding to support the development of facilities and resources at the academic department as part of the cooperation agreement.

Transneft personal scholarships have been granted to the Samara STU’s best students annually since 2001, and certificates have been granted to professors since 2014.