Employees of Transneft Volga Region Take Part in Environmental Campaigns

Date of publication: 17 October 2019

Workers of the Buguruslan and Samara Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (RPD) and the Central Production Service Shop (CPSS) have participated in environmental campaigns and voluntary cleanup events.

Representatives of the Buguruslan RPD participated in an environmental event in the territory of the Buzuluksky Bor park, where 49 species of trees and bushes and more than 600 species of grass grow. They restored a section of the path leading to relictual pines that have the status of Natural Monuments. Employees of the enterprise dismantled old handrails and planks and replaced them with new, bigger ones. Along the edge of the path, curbing was also installed. The performed work will increase the park's traffic flow, as well as make visiting comfortable for persons with disabilities. 

Employees of the Bavly Line Operation Dispatcher Station of the Buguruslan RPD took part in a citywide clean-up event. They cleaned up the territory of Gorkogo Street in the city of Bavly (the Republic of Tatarstan).

Fifty employees of the Samara RPD and the Central Production Service Shop took part in a clean-up event for the improvement, cleaning and greening of the territory of the “Nash Dom” urban square in the urban district of Novokuibyshevsk. During the voluntary environmental clean-up, they picked up garbage, household waste and plant residues, dug up soil in flowerbeds, planted trees and removed four KAMAZ trucks full of debris and foliage.

Employees of Transneft Volga Region annually participate in environmental campaigns in the territories of the regions where the Company’s oil trunk pipelines pass. In many cases, they initiate the events whose purpose is to promote a responsible attitude to the ecological situation and concern for the environment.