Transneft Volga Region Takes 2nd place Among Transneft Subsidiaries in Field of Occupational Health

Date of publication: 08 April 2019

Based on the 2018 performance in the field of occupational health, Transneft Volga Region has taken 2nd place in the relevant corporate competition among Transneft subsidiaries.

Every year, Transneft assesses the performance of its subsidiaries by analysing a set of performance indicators in the field of occupational health. Among the competition criteria were zero accidents at work, the working conditions at the Company, the existence of a collective bargaining agreement and a certificate of international standards compliance for the occupational health management system, financing of preventive measures to reduce occupational injuries and occupational diseases in employees and much more.

The Company, like other Transneft subsidiaries, has an occupational health management system. OHSE specialists strictly monitor the provision of personnel with work- and footwear as well as up-to-date personal protective equipment, organise and exercise control over theoretical and practical training in the field of employees' occupational health and monitor operational processes for compliance with the principles of occupational health.

Last year, in all branches of Transneft Volga Region there were held Occupational Safety Days, occupational safety contests, measures to develop a safety culture, improve working conditions and ensure the competence of occupational health specialists. Targeted inspections, internal and external audits were held, and staff training was organised.

In 2019, declared by Transneft the Year of Occupational Safety, the Company implements an extensive programme of measures to be taken in this field. In April this year, Transneft Volga Region will undergo a certification audit for the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

Vice-President of Transneft P. Revel-Muroz and Chief Engineer of Transneft Volga Region A. Tashchilin