Transneft Volga Region’s Trade Union Organisation Identifies Best Occupational Health Representative

Date of publication: 13 March 2019

The trade union organisation of Transneft Volga Region has summed up the Best Occupational Health Representative of the Primary Trade Union Organisation contest.

The purpose of the event is to share the best practices in the organisation of trade union’s control over occupational health, reduction of injuries and occupational diseases, as well as ensuring employees’ rights for safe working conditions.

The Best Occupational Health Representative of the Primary Trade Union Organisation contest has been held annually since 2006 by the united primary trade union organisation of Transneft Volga Region. In particular, the number of inspections carried out and the submissions made, the implementation of measures to improve working conditions at workplaces and making suggestions for improving technological processes are taken into account when summing up the contest’s results.

Occupational health representatives, as staff’s representatives, monitor compliance with occupational health requirements either independently or as part of comprehensive inspections. In addition, they participate in the consideration of employees' complaints and make suggestions on occupational health as part of committees.

In 2018, 68 occupational health representatives of the trade union organisation carried out public control in all regional oil pipeline directorates (RPD) of Transneft Volga Region. During the year, occupational health representatives conducted 1,068 inspections, issued 278 certificates and 790 submissions.

According to the results of 2018, the best occupational health representatives are:

- 1st place - Aleksandr Radchenko, an electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment at Zimovniki oil pumping station (PS) at Volgograd RPD;
- 2nd place - Natalya Popova, a cleaner of operational and office premises at Karaichevo line operation dispatcher station of Volgograd RPD;
- 3rd place - Dmitry Inzhinov, a technician at Tinguta PS of Volgograd RPD.

The awards will be ceremoniously presented to occupational health representatives of Transneft Volga Region’s trade union organisation as part of the annual Occupational Safety Day, which will be held in April this year in Samara.

For reference:

Transneft Volga Region will implement a programme of activities that make part of the Year of Occupational Safety declared at Transneft subsidiaries in 2019. Among the main areas of work are improving equipment, providing personnel with working clothes and shoes, modern personal protective equipment and devices for safe work. Occupational health representatives of primary trade union organisations play an important role in making sure the legal rights and interests of employees in these areas are respected, as well as in monitoring the state of occupational health at operating facilities.