New Year Charitable Campaign Organised by Samara RPD Personnel

Date of publication: 28 December 2018

Personnel of Samara Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) together with trade union committee representatives have raised funds in support of the Helping with Good Deeds New Year charitable campaign. More than 500 employees made their donations.

Volunteers from Samara RPD spent most of the raised funds to purchase equipment and gifts for children with special needs residing at the boarding school for orphans and children without parental care in Chapayevsk (Samara Region). An interactive board, logopedic equipment with teaching aids and an activity mat with a set of educational toys were acquired.

In addition to the play equipment, the personnel of Samara RPD, acting at the request of the boarding school management, also purchased special pans for shower rooms to make them more comfortable.

Students of the Chapayevsk boarding school held a New Year’s performance for the volunteers, who came with gifts. All the 70 kids currently living in the children’s home received sweet treats and took part in the New Year’s performance.
These charitable activities organised by Samara RPD’s personnel became part of the 25 Good Deeds marathon dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Transneft.

On December 29, employees of Transneft Volga Region’s executive office will give New Year gifts to 50 children residing at the Rovesnik integrated social service centre in Samara. The gifts were purchased in accordance with the kids’ wishes and included bicycles, ski sets, stuffed toys, clothes and athletic shoes, games and construction sets, dolls, tubes and sleds. In addition to that, the executive office personnel will give every child a sweet gift.

For reference:

The volunteer movement is growing rapidly at Transneft Volga Region’s units, so New Year and Christmas charitable campaigns have already become a tradition.
Volunteers help children’s homes, shelters, multi-child families, orphans, elderly people and people with disabilities.