Transneft Volga Region Completes Revamping of Oil Trunk Pipelines’ Sections

Date of publication: 11 December 2018

Transneft Volga Region has finished revamping six sections within the Pokrovka – Krotovka and Buguruslan – Syzran oil trunk pipelines (OTP) lying in Orenburg and Samara Regions.


Main leg replacement works involved two sections of the Pokrovka – Krotovka pipeline with the total length of 44.2 km and four sections of the Buguruslan – Syzran OTP between Pokhvistnevo and Krotovka line operation dispatcher stations (LODS) with the total length of 28.13 km. These OTP sections are operated by Buguruslan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD).


The work commenced in August 2017; however, the core works, including welding the pipes into a single string, sealing and backfilling, were carried out from March to August this year. As part of the Buguruslan – Syzran OTP’s revamping, the underwater crossing of the Malyi Kinel River was replaced, and stop valve units were installed. In addition to the construction of the pipeline sections, subsurface sealed plunger manholes (SSPMH) were installed, shelter-type energy monitoring and metering points were constructed, and overhead power transmission line pylons were built. Disconnected sections were dismantled at underwater, railway and motorway crossings as well as at pipelines located within nature conservation areas.

Due to thorough pre-engineering before the revamping, all the works were carried out with due quality and on time. The new sections were connected to the operating oil trunk pipelines after strength and leakage hydraulic tests.

The scheduled work was carried out in accordance with the technical upgrading and revamping programme that seeks to ensure accident-free operation and environmental safety of Transneft Volga Region’s oil trunk pipelines.