Transneft Volga Region Completes Replacement of Automated Control System for Four Onsite Facilities

Date of publication: 07 November 2018

Transneft Volga Region has completed scheduled replacement of the automated process control system at Sovkhoznaya-3 oil pumping stations (PS) of Samara Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD), Borodayevka-1 PS and Borodayevka-2 PS of Saratov RPD, and Krotovka line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Buguruslan RPD.

The works to replace the automated systems at Sovkhoznaya-3 PS and Borodayevka-1 PS began in the summer of 2017; early this year, the works also started at Borodayevka-2 PS and Krotovka LODS. The specialists performed replacement of the relay automation systems and the fire extinguishing systems.

The reason for the upgrade of the process control system at the PS and the LODS was expiration of the statutory service life of the then-existing relay automation system. Moreover, it had ceased to meet a number of standards as well as the current design regulations and requirements. The old relay automation system (made in Hungary) had been in operation for more than thirty years, its element base having become morally and physically out of date.

The new microprocessor-based Russian-manufactured automation system provides for operational control and continuous monitoring of the operating parameters of all the process equipment used at the stations. The scope and number of the monitored process equipment parameters is twice as high compared with the relay automation system. Implemented on the basis of up-to-date technical means and instrumentation, the new automation system has improved fault tolerance and reliability. Its service life is at least twenty years.

Commissioning of the facilities took place in strict compliance with the schedule of the Technical Upgrading and Revamping Programme for Transneft Volga Region.