CPSS’s Employees Hold Environmental Campaign in Novokuibyshevsk Public Garden

Date of publication: 25 October 2018

Transneft Volga Region’s central production service shop’s (CPSS) employees have taken part in landscaping the public garden in Novokuibyshevsk of Samara Region.

The environmental event brought together 50 persons. They cleaned the public garden of litter and deadwood, whitewashed trees, planted birches, willows and perennial flowers.

The Company’s employees hold environmental events in the public garden on a regular basis. Last year, they replaced kerbs and asphalt coating of pavements, set up a flower garden, planted trees and ornamental shrubs and mounted benches. This year, the Company financed equipping an outdoor exercise ground, whereas CPSS’s volunteers conducted clean-up events at the public garden.

“Beautification of the town, namely this public garden, is one of the activities within the volunteering movement which is actively promoted by the Company. CPSS’s employees annually take part in environmental campaigns and clean-up events,” said Ilya Andriyets, the Director of the CPSS.

The Company’s environmental policy envisages regular events related to environmental protection and supporting socially important projects in the regions where the Company operates.

The public garden’s area is being renovated and landscaped by common efforts of Transneft Volga Region and the administration of Novokuibyshevsk Urban District. The Company intends to give further support to the city’s administration at every stage of the public garden’s landscaping.