Transneft Volga Region conducts managerial meeting with Middle Volga Department of Rostekhnadzor

Date of publication: 13 June 2018

Dmitry Buzlaev, Director General of Transneft Volga Region, has held a working meeting with Mikhail Mikhailin, Head of the Middle Volga Department of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostekhnadzor), at Krotovka LODS of Buguruslan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD).

Aleksei Popov, Head of Interregional Division for Supervision of Trunk Pipelines, Gas Distribution and Gas Consumption Facilities, Nail Fatkhutdinov, Chief State Inspector, and employees of various technical services of Transneft Volga Region also participated in the meeting.

Krotovka LODS, like other major production facilities of Transneft Volga Region, falls under the highly hazardous category, so the Company pays a lot of attention to compliance with safety standards and regulations.
Employees of Buguruslan RPD introduced representatives of the Middle Volga Department of Rostekhnadzor to the station’s equipment and specific features of oil transportation process.

Representatives of Rostechnadzor also witnessed a firefighting and tactical drill, during which a simulated tank fire was extinguished. An on-duty watch of a departmental fire guard and regional divisions of fire rescue garrisons of the EMERCOM (Emergencies Ministry) of Russia took part in the action. The drill scenario involved disruption of the process of pumping oil out of a vertical steel floating-roof tank (VSFRT) with the capacity of 20,000 cubic metres, which led to gas and air mixture on its roof catching on fire. Evacuation of the station’s personnel started after an audio announcement.

Departmental fire guard crews, which arrived at the location of the simulated fire first, started to cool down the "burning" tank and the adjacent one using portable fire monitors as well as a stationary water cooling system. They conducted pre-deployment for a combined foam attack (during which foam is injected directly under the oil surface with subsequent foam attack inside the tank).

The VSFRT extinguishing was carried out using main and specialised firefighting equipment of the departmental fire guard and a local fire rescue brigade. The simulated fire was extinguished in 15 minutes. The objectives of the firefighting and tactical drill aimed at practicing fire isolation and suppression were fully met. "During the drill, staff showed excellent results, which was noted by the representatives of the EMERCOM of Russia and the management of Rostekhnadzor. The departments and operational staff who partook in the drill confirmed that they werre ready to withstand emergencies and ensure protection against industrial hazards," summed up Dmitry Piskarev, Acting Head of the Buguruslan RPD branch.
Following the meeting, Transneft Volga Region and the Middle Volga Department of Rostekhnadzor developed proposals for further cooperation.