Best in Profession contest ends at Transneft Volga Region

Date of publication: 23 May 2018

Transneft Volga Region has summed up the results of the Best in Profession professional skill contest among 50 representatives of main professions. The participants came from four branches of the Company (Samara, Buguruslan, Volgograd and Saratov regional oil pipeline directorates) and the Central Production Service Shop (CPSS).

Dmitry Buzlaev, Director General of Transneft Volga Region, made an opening speech for the competitors. He stressed that participation in a Company-wide contest already meant victory, since the contest in Samara brought together the best representatives of the regional oil pipeline directorates.

For two days members of the working professions showed theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Production sites of the Novokuibyshevsk Training School, the Central Maintenance Division (CMD) of the Samara RPD, the oil blending station at the Samara LODS (line operation dispatcher station), and the training ground of the Russian Defence Sports & Technical Organisation (ROSTO) in Samara hosted the main contest events. When monitoring the performance, the contest committees evaluated preparedness of participants, observed compliance with the industrial and occupational safety requirements.

To win, the contenders needed to be competent in rules and regulations, processes, know how to perform operations fast and in proper sequence, be knowledgeable in professional terminology and adhere to the industrial and occupational safety rules.

The competitions of 2018 saw the debut of excavator drivers and members of professions involved in transportation of white petroleum products. The contest among chemical analysis laboratory assistants and light petroleum products loading operators was held at Tinguta initial pumping station (part of the Yug project) this April.

The 1st place in team standings went to Buguruslan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate, followed by Samara RPD and Volgograd RPD in the 2nd and the 3rd places, respectively.

Winners of the 2nd round in the Best in Profession contest will represent the Company in competitions at the level of Transneft, to be hosted by Transneft Druzhba in Bryansk in August 2018.

The following employees received the highest scores in the Best in Profession contest in 2018:

- line pipeliner – Sergey Antyasov (Buguruslan RPD);
- electric and gas welder – Vadim Petrov (Buguruslan RPD);
- processing units repairman – Aleksandr Kupriyanov (Buguruslan RPD);
- electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitter – Pavel Kuzmin (Buguruslan RPD);
- instrumentation and automation fitter – Ivan Durnev (Buguruslan RPD);
- truck driver – Nikolay Astapov (Samara RPD);
- excavator driver – Alexey Saprykin (Volgograd RPD);
- petroleum products loading operator – Aleksandr Seimov (Volgograd RPD);
- PPPS operator – Mikhail Noskov (Volgograd RPD);
- chemical analysis laboratory assistant – Alla Vasilenko (Buguruslan RPD) ;
- chemical analysis laboratory assistant, petroleum products – Tatyana Kassova (Volgograd RPD);
- commodity loading operator – Aleksandr Zakharov (Samara RPD).