Transneft Volga Region completes routine repairs at six oil trunk pipelines

Date of publication: 19 April 2018 Print

Transneft Volga Region has completed routine repairs at six oil trunk pipelines (OTPs): Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuibyshev, Kuibyshev – Lisichansk, Kuibyshev – Unecha-2, Bavly – Kuibyshev, Mukhanovo – Kuibyshev and Kuibyshev – Tikhoretsk.

During a 72-hour-long suspension of the oil pumping via the Samara – Krasny Yar section of the Kuibyshev – Lisichansk OTP, specialists of the maintenance divisions of Samara Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) performed midlife repairs of six gate valves at Samara-2 oil pumping station (PS), repaired one gate valve at an oil blending station and one at the 0th km of the OTP. At the same time, they replaced three process pipeline sections at Sovkhoznaya PS.
Professionals of Buguruslan RPD cut out two defects and replaced three gate valves at the line portion of the Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuibyshev OTP and at Komsomolets and Erzovka modular group pumping stations (MGPS). A main pump unit (MPU) was installed at Erzovka PS.

A pump unit was mounted and another MPU was dismantled at Samara-1 PS during a scheduled shutdown of the Kuibyshev – Unecha-1 OTP.

CMD (central maintenance division) crews of Saratov RPD connected newly built PIG (pipeline clean-up and inspection gadget) traps at the 436th km of the Kuibyshev – Lisichansk OTP and performed midlife repairs of nine gate valves.
A great part of work at the OTPs was performed by CMD specialists from the Buguruslan, Samara and Volgograd RPDs during reduced oil pumping modes and without pressure reduction.

At Bavly PS, an inlet and a discharge header of the main pump units were connected to the process pipelines. The work was performed without reducing the volumes of oil pumped via the Bavly – Kuibyshev OTP.

At an oil blending station, CMD professionals of Samara RPD cut out six process pipeline defects. The work was performed without shutting down the Nurlino – Samara section of the Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuibyshev OTP.
At Volgograd RPD, newly built pipeline surge relief system tanks were connected at Kuzmichi-1 PS. The crude oil pumping volumes at the Kuibyshev – Tikhoretsk OTP’s section were reduced for the work to be completed.

In the final stage of connecting a switchover unit at Krotovka PS, maintenance division professionals connected a process pipeline section without reducing the volumes of the crude oil pumped via the Mukhanovo – Kuibyshev OTP.
The entire set of works was performed within the scope of an integrated technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme of Transneft Volga Region for 2018, to maintain the normal functioning parameters of oil trunk pipelines.