Dmitry Buzlaev appointed Director General of Transneft Volga Region

Date of publication: 03 April 2018

The position of Director General of Transneft Volga Region went to Dmitry Buzlaev, previously Chief Engineer of Transneft Druzhba, on 3 April 2018.

Dmitry Buzlaev was born in the town of Kstovo, Gorky Region, in 1974.

In 1996, he graduated from Togliatti Command College of Military Engineering & Construction, majoring in Construction and Operation of Buildings and Structures Engineering.
In 2002, he graduated from Ufa State Oil Technical University, where he underwent professional retraining under the Designing and Operating Gas and Oil Pipelines and Storages programme.

Mr. Buzlaev joined the Transneft system in 1999. He started working in the sphere of oil pipeline transportation at Gorky pumping station of Gorky Oil Pipeline Directorate of Verkhnevolzhsknefteprovod. During the 11 years at Verkhnevolzhsknefteprovod, Dmitry Buzlaev ascended from blue-collar working positions to management.

From February 2010, Mr. Buzlaev was employed as Deputy Director General for Operation at Transneft Druzhba, and from 2012, he worked as Chief Engineer.
For his great contribution to the development of the oil pipeline industry, Dmitry Buzlaev has repeatedly received institutional and corporate awards.