Transneft Volga Region performs routine repairs at oil trunk pipelines

Date of publication: 01 March 2018 Print

Transneft Volga Region has performed routine repair works at oil trunk pipelines (OTP). The works were conducted as part of the integrated programme of technical upgrading at the linear section of the Bavly – Kuybyshev, Buguruslan – Syzran, Kuybyshev – Lisichansk OTPs.

Three defective sections were cut out during a scheduled shutdown of the Bavly – Kuybyshev OTP. Furthermore, three defects were cut out at the Pokhvistnevo – Krotovka section of the Buguruslan – Syzran OTP and two defects were cut out at the Krotovka – Novokuybyshevsky Refinery section of the Bavly – Kuybyshev OTP.

The works on disconnecting temporary PIG traps at the supply oil pipeline of Samara-2 oil pumping station (PS) were performed in 72 hours without changing the oil pumping mode at the Kuybyshev – Lisichansk OTP after the in-line diagnostics of this section had been completed.

Leakage tests of 14 gate valves were performed during a 8-hour shutdown of the Guriev – Kuybyshev OTP at the section whose length totals 163 km. Moreover, the operation of protecting algorithms and equipment blockage was tested at the automated plant control system (APCS) of Bolshaya Chernigovka PS.

The works were performed by line maintenance divisions of the PS, central maintenance divisions of the subdivisions of Samara and Buguruslan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates to ensure emergency-free operation and environmental safety of the facilities and the linear portion of Transneft Volga Region’s OTPs.

Oil pumping through oil trunk pipelines was resumed according to the schedule. The pipelines function in the standard mode.