Employees of Volgograd RPD Affiliated to Transneft Volga Region Commemorated 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad Victory

Date of publication: 07 February 2018 Print

Employees of Transneft Volga Region’s Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) took part in the events commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Army’s victory in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Military units of the Volgograd territorial garrison arranged a parade in Volgograd. Residents and visitors of the city could observe scores of military vehicles and aircraft at the Victory Parade. The PRD representatives were among the parade guests at the stands.

The victory of the Soviet troops over the Nazi aggressors ended the Battle of Stalingrad on 2 February 1943. The engagement lasted for 200 days and nights and covered an area of 100,000 sq. km, with the frontline being from 400 to 850 kilometres long. It was in Stalingrad where the Red Army started its victorious march to the West precisely.

Paying tribute to this feat of arms, members of the Volgograd RPD executive office, administration of the Dzerzhinsky District of Volgograd and residents of the district participated in a rally, put wreaths and flowers on the pedestal of the memorial to G. K. Zhukov, the Marshal of the Soviet Union.

After the rally and the parade employees of Volgograd RPD laid a wreath and carnations to the Eternal Flame at the Square of Fallen Heroes. A night-time firework and an artillery salute culminated the festive event.