Transneft Volga Region Commissioned Fire Depot in Volgograd Oil Pipeline Directorate

Date of publication: 10 October 2017 Print

Transneft Volga Region has commissioned a new fire depot at Zenzevatka oil pumping station (NPS) in the Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (ROPD).

Commissioning of the new fire depot will greatly enhance fire protection of Zenzevatka NPS of Volgograd ROPD, and will allow to improve labor and leisure conditions for the firemen. In addition, as Maxim Kuchin, Head of Fire Safety Division at Transneft Volga Region, the fire protection of a number of population settlements located in close proximity to NPS will be improved.

Its construction began as early as in June 2016 and was finished in summer 217. The construction area exceeded 1,000 sq.m. The depot building was divided into three compartments – a garage for fire equipment is in the middle; administrative premises and the foamer warehouse are located in lateral parts, in two storeys.

Five stalls for fire equipment are envisaged in the garage; special racks for fire-fighting overalls are available there. The on-duty shift gathers in the same premise when the fire call was received in the dispatch room and when the signal was transferred via speakers. In the administrative part of the building of the fire depot, there are food and recreation premises for personnel; a psychological relaxation room, a locker room, a classroom and an exercise room.

The new fire depot of Transneft Volga Region meets all modern engineering requirements: it is fitted up with fire alarm, communications, internal fire-fighting water supply, inflow exhaust ventilation systems and the exhaust ventilation unit for exhaust gas removal from fire machines. There is a whole range of machine tool equipment and special devices for maintenance of fire vehicles and firefighting equipment.