Transneft Volga Region, JSC commissioned houses for rotation teams and area maintenance buildings at five facilities of Volgograd RPD (Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate)

Date of publication: 25 September 2017 Print

Transneft Volga Region constructed and commissioned three new houses for rotation teams at Novomlinovo, Astakhovo and Satarovskaya oil pump stations (OPS) and two modern area maintenance buildings (AMB) at Kuzmichi line operation dispatcher station (LODS) and Peschanokopskaya OPS.

The houses for rotation teams at Novomlinovo, Astakhovo and Satarovskaya OPS are one-storied buildings with the total area of 432 square meters for comfortable accommodation of specialists, who visit the facilities of Volgograd RPD on business trips. There are ten double rooms for accommodation. In the living area there is also a lounge and a canteen. The utility area includes toilets, shower rooms, cloakrooms and a heating room. Each house has a room for medical examination.

New area maintenance buildings (AMB) that were commissioned at Kuzmichi LODS and Peschanokopskaya OPS are one-storied buildings with the area of 630 square meters. There are fully equipped lounges, shower rooms, laundry rooms, storage rooms, cloakrooms and a medical room. The buildings are equipped with modern and safe engineering systems that maintain comfortable microclimate at any time of the year.

Construction of the new facilities was performed to the extent of the Technical Upgrading and Revamping (TU&R) Program of Transneft Volga Region for 2016—2017 and lasted a year. To ensure comfortable accommodation of employees, there are modern heating and ventilation systems, bright and safe lighting. The use of national materials and equipment of high quality allows to save heat and electric power, which corresponds to the principles of environmental and energy policies of Transneft. The area near the facilities was landscaped and approach automotive roads were built.

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Apart from fulfilment of the most important production objectives related to reliable and safe transportation of oil, the management of Transneft Volga Region pays close attention to the issues of social policy, including the conditions of work and rest of the employees, improvement of the level of production culture, accommodation and food supply at regional directorates and OPS.

At meetings with the staff of business units, Andrey Syumak, Director General of Transneft Volga Region, more than once remarked that cosiness and comfort in the houses for rotation teams and mobile inhabited areas and organization of high-quality food supply for the employees during planned work is one of the main social objectives, because the state of health and staff morale of oil industry workers and, consequently, the results of work of the entire staff of the company directly depend on the order, organization and quality of work in the said spheres.

The house for rotation teams at Satarovskaya OPS

The house for rotation teams at Astakhovo OPS


AMB at Kuzmichi LODS