Transneft Volga Region issued the first certificate for an employee’s efficiency suggestion

Date of publication: 14 September 2017 Print

Transneft Volga Region issued the first certificate for an efficiency suggestion. Mariia Vysotskaia, a young specialist of the Central Production Service Shop (CPSS), machine-tool and locksmith works inspector, obtained the certificate.

Mariia Vysotskaia developed a new scheme of control stand for beat checking of products with the length of up to 2,600 mm. This scheme will allow timely detecting possible deviations of components’ sizes, specifying required rearrangement of a machine-tool, which will significantly reduce the turning equipment’s downtime.

“The main advantage of the construction is its universality. It is possible to use details of different length, diameter and mass, which is a possibility to specify more precise control of the products with the least error,” - said the author.
The technical council of Transneft Volga Region chaired by Valery Sokirka, Chief Engineer, appreciated the novelty and benefit of the suggestion of Mariia Vysotskaia, specialist of the CPSS. The efficiency suggestion on improvement of the operating control procedure has been already approved for use and is at the stage of implementation.  

Implementation of employees’ expedient and reasonable ideas is one of the directions of the joint-stock company’s innovation activities. Vitaly Kucherov, Deputy Director General for Production, noted that many specialists suggest innovations for development of different industrial directions. “We are always ready to consider any invention and suggestion, which will help the employees to make their work comfortable and optimize the operating process,” - he said.    

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The Regulation on Rationalization Activity in Transneft Volga Region was approved in November 2016. The technical council of Transneft Volga Region quarterly considers applications for efficiency suggestions. At the present time four applications for efficiency suggestions have been filed to the technical department of Transneft Volga Region. Two applications were considered, one of them was admitted as an efficiency suggestion. Money reward will be paid to the efficiency suggestion’s author after its implementation.


On the photo: Mariia Vysotskaia with her colleagues