Transneft Volga Region completed planned repair work at oil trunk pipelines

Date of publication: 12 September 2017 Print

Transneft Volga Region completed planned repairs at Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk and Almetievsk – Kuybyshev-2 oil trunk pipelines (OTP).

A defect elimination was performed at the section Samara - Zenzevatka of Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk OTP. Industrial pipelines were replaced at Zimovniki oil pump station (OPS) and medium repair of seven gate valves was performed at Peschanokopskaya OPS. The works were performed by specialists of central maintenance division (CMD) of Volgograd Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (ROPD).

CMD specialists of  Saratov ROPD transported gate valve No. 2 from the gate of the PIG trap according to the regulatory requirements at the standby leg of underwater crossing of Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk OTP across the river Maly Karaman. The works were performed without changing the oil pumping mode as part of the technical upgrading and revamping (TU&R) programme.

As part of implementation of the project “Reconstruction of an Oil Blending Station (OBS) of Samara Line Operation Dispatcher Station (LODS) for the Purpose of Securing Receiving Additional Amount of Sweet Oil”, CMD specialists of Samara ROPD performed tie-in of two gate valves into the water jetting collector at the OBS, connected crossover lines between the first group pumps and the water jetting collector.

At the same time they performed assembly of connection points of the Oil Quantity and Quality Metering System (OQQMS) being under construction at the OBS with tie-in of an additional measuring line and replacement of two gate valves.

The works were performed within the regulatory period without changing oil pumping mode at Almetievsk - Kuybyshev-2 OTP.