Andrey Syumak, Director General of Transneft Volga Region, held a business meeting with Samara region governor

Date of publication: 06 September 2017 Print

Andrey Syumak, General Director of Transneft Volga Region, held a business meeting with Nikolay Merkushkin, Governor of Samara region. At the meeting Andrey Syumak updated the governor on results of the company’s operations and investment projects implemented in the presence area. The focus was on interaction under the cooperation agreement Transneft and the Government of Samara Region signed in 2014.

The General Director of Transneft Volga Region noted the company was actively engaged with the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Samara Region. Specifically, workgroups on land, protected zones and adjustment of settlement borders were created in the scope of the agreement.

Charity was another point discussed at the meeting. Revamping of the Samara Puppet Theatre is a major charity project sponsored by Transneft Volga Region in Samara region. The need for accelerated revamping under the charity project was underscored in the conversation. Nikolay Merkushkin stressed his intention to give maximum support to the project. The puppet theatre is expected to open in 2018, he said.

For reference
The building of the future puppet theatre at Samarskaya Street in Samara was erected by order of the Ivanov brothers in 1914 and is an architectural monument. The art nouveau-styled building designed by architect Mikhail Kvyatkovsky initially was home to the Aquarium restaurant. It was first revamped in the 1970s, whereupon the Theatre for Young Audiences was opened.

Revamping the building erected in the tsarist era started in 2014, to be subsequently used as the children’s puppet theatre. The restoration was launched simultaneously. The removed plaster laid bare elements of the initial decorative ornaments in the form of five bas-reliefs, a work of art of the art nouveau period. The discovery drastically advanced the historical and cultural value of the site. In 2014-2015, Transneft Volga Region transferred RUB 300 million for designing and restoring the historical and cultural landmark in the scope of the cooperation agreement between Transneft and the Government of Samara Region. The agreement envisages co-financing of construction, the budget of the Government of Samara Region being the other source.