Transneft Volga Region, JSC completed planned repair work on six oil pipelines

Date of publication: 01 September 2017 Print

Transneft Volga Region has completed planned repair work on six trunk oil pipelines (OTP). The work has been conducted on the territory of Orenburg, Samara, Volgograd Regions.

At Krotovka Oil Pump Station (OPS) during the period of Krotovka - Kuibyshev OTP shutdown, the Central Maintenance Division (CMD) specialists of Buguruslan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate conducted the work on connecting up the process pipelines of tank farm oil pumping station being built to the process pipelines.

During the period of the planned shutdown the works on cutting out of 5 defects were conducted on Pokrovka - Krotovka OTP linear portion, the medium repairs of four gate valves were conducted on Buguruslan - Syzran OTP.
In Samara RPD area of responsibility during the period of the planned OTP Bavly - Kuibyshev shutdown the assembling of six wedge gate pressure compensators (KDKZ) was done at section Krotovka - Novokuibyshev Refinery, JSC, three non-standard air escape valves were eliminated by placing the repair structure, using a “Packer” device.

At Komsomolets modular integrated pumping station, the specialists of CMD of Samara RPD assembled Main Line Pump No.4, one defect on the process pipelines was cut out. The works were conducted during the low oil pumping power mode through Nizhnevartovsk-Kurgan-Kuybyishev OTP.

The specialists of CMD of Samara RPD conducted hydro testing of PIG trap binding and two crossover lines between the main leg and a standby leg of underwater crossing through Ilovlya River. The works were conducted during 104 hours, the oil pumping power mode through Kuybyishev - Tikhoretsk OTP did not change.

The medium repairs of five gate valves with KDKZ installation on standby legs of underwater crossing through rivers Kuberle and Cherpak were done without changing the oil pumping power mode on Kuybyishev - Tikhoretsk OTP, and five defects were cut out on Sovkhoznaya-2 PS on draining pipeline OTP. At oil blending station of Samara RPD, the collectors of pipe headers (PH) of a 20,000 cubic meters tank No.29 were connected to the station process pipelines.

The works went on for 24 hours within the time limit of the Technical Upgrading and Revamping Programme (TU&R) 2017. The aim is to improve reliability of pipeline operation. Oil transporting on oil trunk pipelines was resumed according to the schedule.