An Anniversary Young Professionals Forum Finished at Transneft Volga Region

Date of publication: 18 August 2017 Print

Transneft Volga Region closed the anniversary 15th young professionals forum. The event was hosted by Dubrava Park Hotel in Samara region on 15 - 17 August 2017.

The forum brought together 80 company employees aged below 30 and representing all branches. Representatives of other Transneft subsidiaries — Transneft Central Siberia, Transneft Baltic, and Transneft Upper Volga — were traditionally invited to attend. Agenda of the forum commemorated to the Year of Ecology declared in Russia and Transneft envisaged a set of KVN (Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted) games, educational trainings, quests and contests.

The team-building events and trainings held during three days of the forum pursued adaptation of the young professionals in the labour team, origination of teamwork skills, opening up leadership, managerial and communications capabilities of each participant.

“The young professionals easily coped with their tasks, showing impeccable public speaking and teamwork skills. They are committed to become professionals, so there’s no need to worry for the future of the company,” said Dmitry Kurdysh, Chairman of the Young Professionals Council at Transneft Volga Region.

A visit to the Central Production Service Shop (CPSS) where the young professionals took the tour round manufacturing shops producing the equipment used by many subsidiaries of the company was among the items on the youth forum agenda. The ceremony of “freshmen” initiation as the oil pipeliners became a vibrant event at the forum opening. Twenty-three of the forum participants got employed by Transneft Volga Region units in 2017, after graduation from institutions of higher and secondary education. The young oil pipeliners’ oath of loyalty to the profession culminated the initiation event.

A workshop to sum up the young specialists forum results and an enticing environmental quest crowned the forum agenda.

For reference

Transneft Volga Region has been conducting young professionals forums from 2003, as a way to work with young employees from the oil pipeline industry. The event contributes to development of creative, initiative, leadership skills through intellectual gaming. Apart from that, the forum is a good opportunity to build up personal communications and experience sharing skills, strengthen the corporate culture.