Buguruslan RPD organized a charity event for the boarders of social rehabilitation center “Aistenok”

Date of publication: 10 August 2017 Print

Young professionals of Buguruslan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) of Transneft Volga Region organized an outdoor event for the boarders of social rehabilitation center for minors “Aistenok”. Ecological tour to Buguruslan adventure park was conducted for the children.

Twenty children aged from 3 to 16 years took part in engrossing park journey, learnt many interesting things about animals and plants of their native heath. Guides also told the children about the problem of household garbage pollution of forests. The children gathered cones and herbs, painted forest pictures, brewed and tried tea from samovar.

For the final, organizers prepared an exciting rope-ladder route. The child center boarders walked over rope, climbed a pirate net, moved on a bungee, jumped on a trampoline. Every child could feel as an acrobat, alpinist or a rock climber. Instructors and young professionals of Buguruslan RPD helped the children to go through all obstacles.

The charity event organized by employees of Buguruslan RPD let cheer up the disadvantaged children - they could feel as participants of real adventures, conquerors of ferries and new tops.