Transneft Volga Region conducted a firefighting and tactical drill at Samara-2 OPS (oil pump station)

Date of publication: 03 August 2017 Print

A firefighting and tactical drill together with the subdivisions of the EMERCOM (Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters) of the RF (Russian Federation) for Samara Region was conducted at Samara-2 oil pump station (OPS) of Samara Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (ROPD) of Transneft Volga Region.

The purpose of the activity was practicing the variants of a simulated fire extinguishing, inspecting readiness of the staff of the subdivisions of the 8th detachment of the Federal Fire-Fighting Service (FFFS), volunteer fire brigades and engineering services of Samara-2 OPS for combined actions in emergencies.

According to the drill’s intention, as the result of a failure of technological process of oil pumping, a “jam” of the floating roof of tank No. 1 with the capacity of 50 thousand cubic metres occurred; vapour-air mixture appeared under it. It resulted in a simulated inflammation and the mixture’s explosion.
The OPS operator transmitted a signal on the simulated inflammation to the fire station’s communications centre, performed warning according to the established scheme. After receiving the signal, the staff of four duty guards of fire rescue stations of the 8th detachment of the FFFS departed to the place of accident. At the same time the heads, the operating personnel and the members of the station’s volunteer fire brigade departed to the place of accident. The third complexity number was assigned to the simulated fire. The situation was complicated with the fact that the automated fire-extinguishing system worked only for two minutes and then it failed because of a software bug.

Fire-extinguishing pumps were immediately transferred to the manual mode. The simulated fire extinguishing was conducted with permanent cooling of the tank on fire and the neighbouring tank. Fire extinguishing both by method of subsurface suppression and using froth crowders was practiced during the drill.

Fire departments of four fire sections (30 persons) participated in the drill; 10 fire equipment units were used.   Accurate and well coordinated work of the specialists allowed eliminating the simulated inflammation within the regulatory time limit.

Such drills are conducted at least once a year at each OPS for specifying the degree of readiness of the fire safety subdivisions of regional subdivisions of the EMERCOM of the RF and the personnel of Transneft Volga Region facilities for performing well coordinated actions on extinguishing simulated fires. This activity is under special control in spring and summer fire-dangerous period.

In July joint firefighting and tactical drills with the subdivisions of the EMERCOM of Russia on localization and elimination of a simulated fire were conducted at Mukhanovo OPS, Popovka, Buguruslan modular integrated pump stations (Buguruslan ROPD), Ternovka line operation dispatcher station (LODS) (Saratov ROPD), Efimovka LODS, Zimovniki OPS (Volgograd ROPD).