The Second Inspection Audit of the Energy Management System Finished at Transneft Volga Region, JSC

Date of publication: 26 November 2015

Transneft Volga Region, JSC finalized the inspection audit of the energy management system (EnMS) at its production facilities late in November 2015. The auditors assessed EnMS in the Saratov Regional Oil Pipeline Department and the Ternovka LODS.

The audit confirmed availability of the necessary resources, qualified staff and pointed to successful implementation of the energy saving efforts as part of Transneft, JSC energy policy. The audit validated that the most appropriate technological modes of the oil pipeline operation are complied with.

Auditors identified additional opportunities available to the enterprise to improve the personnel’s competence, skills and awareness regarding the energy management programs implementation. All executives and professionals engaged in energy management attended training sessions. The memo on the energy management system for all personnel of the company and contractors was prepared.

At the closing meeting on the audit results, the DQS independent auditor announced that the inspection efforts established high level of compliance of Transneft Volga Region, JSC’s EnMS to ISO 50001:2011 and that they intended to renew the Company’s existing certificate.