Transneft Volga Region, JSC Inspected Implementation of the Energy Saving Program

Date of publication: 06 November 2015

Transneft Volga Region, JSC was checked for the implementation of the energy saving program. The inspection group consisting of the experts from the subsidiaries of Transneft, JSC (Transneftenergo, LLC; Transneft R&D, LLC) visited the facilities of Transneft Volga Region, JSC, including oil pump stations. Inspectors familiarized themselves with the course of implementation of the energy saving program and the company’s practice of electric and heat energy consumption.
The inspection was aimed at checking the implementation of the technical energy-saving measures and identification of improvement areas in energy efficiency and energy saving. 
Also, the selection of the operating conditions was checked for minimal costs for oil transportation via trunk pipelines and for rational use of energy resources. Experts noted the full compliance of the measured export pumps efficiency with the standard values. 
Results of the target inspection of the company confirmed the potential for saving of energy resources. This inspection is carried out on an ongoing basis and is a part of the energy policy of Transneft, JSC. According to the results of the inspection, the committee confirmed that the energy management system of Transneft Volga Region, JSC is in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 50001:2011.
For reference:
Transneft Volga Region, JSC introduces energy-efficient technologies and equipment and take measures to enhance the personnel’s responsibility for the rational and efficient use of energy resources. In 2013, the company implemented measures to save fuel and energy resources with the total operational benefit at 2.71 kt of oil equivalent (KTOE); in 2014, this figure was 2.47 KTOE. Saving of fuel and energy resources in 2015 is expected at the level of not less than 2.91 KTOE.