Transneft Volga Region, JSC Held Firefighting and Tactical Drills

Date of publication: 01 September 2015

Transneft Volga Region, JSC held firefighting and tactical drills on extinguishing of an assumed fire at main pump house of PS-1 in the Kuzmichi LODS of Volgograd region.
The volunteer fire brigade, operating staff of the LODS, and members of the 65th Firefighting Unit of EMERCOM of Russia from Gorodishche district were involved in response to a simulated emergency. Engaged in the drills were 14 persons and 2 vehicles.
Under the scenario, destruction of the face seal in the shaft of pump No. 3 caused an oil spill with the subsequent ignition. A brigade of the 65th Firefighting Unit and members of the volunteer fire brigade immediately arrived at the site of accident after being called by the LODS operator. Combat deployment was carried out and the assumed fire was extinguished.
High technical preparedness of the firefighting vehicles and equipment, concerted and efficient operation by professionals was noted at the end of the drills.
The firefighting and tactical drills have been monthly held at Transneft Volga Region, JSC. The staff members practice the skills of responding and deploying the forces and means used to eliminate a potential emergency at facilities.