A Pilot System for Saving Fuel and Energy Resources Is Implemented at the Satarovskaya PS of Transneft Volga Region, JSC

Date of publication: 18 March 2015

At the Satarovskaya oil pump station, within the framework of an experimental R&D development of Transneft, JSC, measures were taken to improve the energy efficiency of the heat consumption system. The activities were carried out in two stages:

1.        Implementation of a heat generation automatic control system in the newly installed boiler house.

2.         Installation of standby heating systems in the buildings and facilities of the station (the staff being present in the premises only during the daytime).

At the first stage, the saving of heat and energy resources required for production of thermal energy and its supply to the costumers is achieved by reducing the cost of the heat carrier pumping  (electric power saving) due to installation of frequency control at the line pumps. An additional saving arises from reducing the fuel consumption due to implementation of an automatic all-weather control of the boilers parameters.

At the second stage, the cost saving is a results of lowering the temperature in the premises in the absence of the staff. Namely, after the end of a work shift, the standby heating system lowers the temperatures in the premises to the calculated values, which allows for maintaining the lowest possible temperature to protect the premises from freezing, and which brings the temperature back to the standard values by the beginning of the working day. Besides, the temperature is lowered during holidays and weekends.

As of today, according to a preliminary estimate, the fuel saving due to energy saving measures is about 4 pct at the Satarovskaya PS, which allows us to evaluate the system effectiveness. More accurate results will be obtained after a comprehensive analysis of the heating system operation at the end of the heating season.

            In the future, under the Energy Saving Program of Transneft, JSC, it is planned, by 2020, to equip all the industrial and household buildings of Transneft Volga Region, JSC, with an automatic system for temperature control, and to install standby heating systems where necessary.

The total economic effect from the implementation of energy saving measures at the facilities of Transneft Volga Region, JSC, exceeded 51 mln rubles in 2014.



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