Transneft Volga Region, JSC, about Preparing to the Flood Season

Date of publication: 16 March 2015

High water is always a potential hazard, which should not be underestimated even with the most favorable prognosis. A rapid rise of water may cause damage both to industrial facilities and environment, that is why oil pipeliners prepare to the flood season always thoroughly and well in advance.

Transneft Volga Region, JSC, schedules every year an action plan for the spring period for the purpose of timely and appropriate preparation of building and facilities, automation and telemechanics systems, power plants and other systems for the flood.

According to the Hydrometeorological Center,  the spring is expected to come early this year, with rapid melting of snow, and only in the region of Samara up to 35 settlements may be flooded. Therefore, the flood protection measures, already taken at the Company’s production facilities, included inspection of 524 wells, removal of snow from protection structures, culvert heads, survey of the sites subject to erosion by flood water. An inspection was carried out and 246 warning signs have been repaired at the crossings of pipelines with railways and motor roads.

A special attention is traditionally paid to the preparation of tanks to stable operation in the period of the spring flood, as well as to prevention of flooding by high water of oil pump station facilities, waterproofing of  underground premises, pumping houses, and to diversion of melt water therefrom.

Besides, air patrolling and ground survey of over 3.5 thous. km of pipeline linear section were carried out.

For the flood period, operational teams were trained and allocated to control the technical condition of power lines and electricity supply facilities. During the spring flood-time, the monitoring of the Company’s facilities condition is conducted on a daily basis.


Telephones of dispatching services:

Samara RPD – dispatcher 8 (846) 330-13-60,

Volgograd RPD – dispatcher 8 (8442) 36-31-39

Saratov RPD – dispatcher 8 (8452) 35-63-78, 35-62-53, 35-64-62

Buguruslan RPD – dispatcher 8 (35352) 6-52-24



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